Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Vintage Car Paintings

Amazing Vintage Car paintings

I am accidently came across this great painting collection. Let me tell you that what these paintings are about? Well, these are the oil paintings of Vintage Cars & Great Palaces of India as backdrops. Isn’t it Great?

The Average size of the Painting is 5’ * 3’. Following are the Oil Paintings of the world famous Vintage Cars and great Indian Palaces.

This is amazing creation. I mean Vintage Cars are the precious Asset class & the Paintings (Art) are also the Asset class. In both of these Asset Classes, The Investors invest for huge Capital Gains. Now, creating paintings of Vintage Cars means creating Assets out of Asset. Isn’t it a great idea?

These are just the few paintings. There is an Exhibition of these Paintings in an Art Gallery of Delhi. Here is the address of this Art Gallery.

These paintings are well appreciated by the Best Car Art Galleries around the world.

S&S Art Gallery at 428/1, Ghitorni, MG road, New Delhi-110030
Contact Persons: Sudhir & Suresh

I really love this Vintage Cars Painting Collection. In fact, I have never seen such an amazing Assets in my life. Hope one day I can buy all of them….!!!!!

Anyways….So Here are the Paintings. You can enjoy them.



Painting: 1 -- Buick 4’ * 3’


Painting: 2 - rr Phantom 2 – 6’ * 4’


Painting: 3 - Merc Sports 5’ * 3’


Painting: 4 - Bentley 6’ * 4’

Awaiting for your Comments….!!!!

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