Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Shariah Compliant Finance

Shariah Compliant Finance

Many of you may have never heard about the Shariah Compliant Finance. Well, It means that Banking, Business & Investments which strictly follow the Guidelines & Principles of Shariah Investments.

Say for Example, according to the Islamic Religion, you can not earn money through interest. Because it is strictly prohibited in Islam. You can also not invest in the stocks of the companies which have a business in Hotels, Cinema, Movies, Gambling, Casinos, Insurance Business and many other Businesses which are not permitted by the Islam.

However, you can invest in the stocks & mutual funds of Pharma, Software, IT, Oil & Gas, Automobiles..etc.. companies because these sectors don’t violate the Shariah Principles. There are lots of things mentioned in the Shariah Laws. Here are the Information rich Articles Compendium about Shariah Compliant Finance & Investments. Hope you will like it.

- Shariah Funds

- Shariah Compliant Stocks in India

- Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds

- Shariah Compliant Stocks

- Shariah Compliant Investments

- Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds in India

- Islamic Banking

All of the above are very information rich articles and you will find every information regarding Shariah Compliant Investments in the above 7 Articles Compendium.

Many of my Muslim friends ask me that, I want to invest in the stock market but my religion doesn’t permit me. Well, This is Myth. You can invest in Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds & Stocks any time. It is not against the law.

Just go to the above 7 articles and you will find lots of things about Islamic Shariah Compliant Investments.

So now, Don’t wait but start investing in the Stock market with Shariah Compliant Financial Products.

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