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Domain Flipping: Learn How to Flip Domain Names and Profit?

Domain Flipping: Learn How to Flip Domain Names and Profit?

Domain Flipping is the hottest new Business, Investment & Money Making Opportunity on the Internet right now. Now, many of you may never heard about the Domain Flipping. So Let me explain you first in very simple language that, What is Domain Flipping & How it works?

Well, in simple words, Domain Flipping means buying Domain Names at low price and sell them for profits after holding it for few months to few years. Domain Names are the real estate of the Virtual World (Internet) so buying Domain Names for low profit and selling them for high profit is just like buying and selling the real estate.

How to Buy Domain Names?

Well, if you want to register the brand news domain name than the best website for doing this is GoDaddy.com. Simply go to GoDaddy.cm and search for the availability of your Domain Name. If the Domain Name is available than you can register it for just $ 10 per year. It’s that much easy.

There are also various market places (Online) for the Domain Names where you can buy and sell routine as well as premium Domain names. Here is a List.

01) Sedo.com

02) Flippa.com

03) SitePoint.com

All of the above are the Internet’s best market places for buying and selling domain names. You can buy and sell domain names on any of the above marketplaces. There are several varieties of Domain names such as single character, two-character, 3 character Domain names, Geographical Domain Names, Health Domain Names, Generic Name Domain names (Loan.com, Fund.com, MutualFunds.com) and many other varieties of Domain names.

How much profit can you make from the Domain Flipping?

Well, it really depends. From few dollars up to million dollars. Yes, Some generic name domain names are sold for millions of dollars in the past. Say for Example, Loan.com was sold for whooping $ 3.1 Million in the past.

Many Domain Names make you few hundreds to few thousand dollars profit if carefully chosen. The thing is that, Domain Flipping is profitable and many people from all around the world have made fortunes out of it.

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