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Deaf Video Web Chaotic Situation of Stereotype Examples

Stereotype Examples: Deaf Trash, Deafhood, Beasthood, Orange Group, Blue Group, etc!

Vlog In American Sign Language (ASL), I wanted to share my own opinion and based on my observation of the recent chaotic situation in the deaf video web. I wanted to quote the description of a stereotype. It is a public belief about a certain social group or a type of individual. Stereotype is always based on any prior assumption by the certain groups or individuals. Stereotypes are often created about people of specific cultures or races. So any time if you are grouping races or individuals together. You tend to make a judgment about them without knowing them. This is a classical example of a stereotype. Racial remarks, sexual remarks, and gender remarks are the biggest stereotypes.

So what I see in this DVtv, a deaf social network with the diversities of deaf people all around the world is now focusing on the stereotyping against each others within the deaf communities. "Deafhood", "Beasthood", "Orange Group", "Blue Group", "Deaf Trash", "Low Functions" and the lists goes on were the subject of the deaf stereotypes. That kind of stereotyping approaches in this DVtv should be avoided...Why can't we get along with each others and just be you!!!! Take pride and believing in youself to create the video is the best solution. There is the list of the stereotype examples at the end of the video. Subscribe DJDeafJoey

Video source DJDeafJoey

Sheriff Attacks Deaf Cancer Patient

Sheriff Attacks Deaf Cancer Patient in Alberta, Canada.

Must-see raw video showing a sheriff’s “unjustified” and “excessive” use of force on a mute, deaf man in a Red Deer courthouse has been released.

On Dec. 9, cancer survivor Bill Berry, 52, was paying a traffic ticket when a sheriff told him he didn’t go through the proper security screening, as he had come in through an exit door.

Berry, who is deaf, mute and breathes through his neck with a tube, tried to signal that he couldn’t hear or speak, at which point the sheriff became more forceful and tried to forcibly carry him out.

Berry collapsed to the ground and his stoma tube fell out.

He was unable to breathe until other sheriffs noticed and reinserted it.

A probe conducted by the Solicitor General Office’s Law Enforcement and Oversight Professional Standards Unit, found the sheriff, identified as Thomas Bounds, was fine to advise Berry of his error but was unlawful in physically confronting him “without hesitation.” ... Read more: http://www.calgarysun.com/2012/02/15/video-shows-sheriff-manhandle-deafmute-red-deer-resident

Video source HoChiMinh30abril1975

London Paralympic Opening Ceremony 2012

Video in CC (english transcilbed) Highlights from the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

It was billed as an 'exquisite journey of discovery' and last night's Paralympic Opening Ceremony called Enlightenment, certainly lived up to its hype.

The show may have only had a fraction of the funding given to the Opening Ceremony of the Games a few weeks earlier, but the message behind the title was clear as a host of deaf and disabled artists, local children and performers all featured in the show-stopping event.

The roars of the crowd as paralympic athletes from across the world graced the stadium showed the nation's pleasure that the competition has returned to its 1948 birthplace. Video source Channel4News

Video source by FirstRaceTv

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A Preview of the Upcoming Deaf Art Video

Must-See video clip - Be Prepared to have your mind blown away! The new spanking brand new art video would not need the sound to. Coming Soon in September!

A preview of the upcoming art video. Art perfomance with creative and mindtwist video in the full of arts and culture. Deaf professional of comedy, magic, dance, acting, theatrical make-up and for the first time ever on the video. Please subscribe: Parropia


Visit us: www.HekandDolly.blogspot.com

Video source Parropia

Circle - Megan Cox Music Video in ASL

Circle - Megan Cox Music Video in American Sign Language.

Created, Directed, Choreographed by Olivia Moriarty (@oliviamoriarty)

Produced, Video Edited by Jared Sell (@jaredws)

Dancers: Emily Craver, Skylar Grossman, Olivia Moriarty, Dan Sullivan

Special thanks to Emily Skibo, Meg Powers and MassBallet

Follow Megan! @megancoxmusic

Facebook #megancoxmusic

Subscribe: letsgokiddo123


Video source letsgokiddo123

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Williamsburg Deaf Pig Roast 9th Annual

Welcome to Williamsburg Deaf Pig Roast 9th Annual

Williamsburg Pig Roast Committees welcome you and come to Deaf Pig Roast 9th annual on October 6, 2012, in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Early Bird - Must be postmark before September. 22, 2012.

Visit http://www.deafpigroast.com for more information.

Google Map:

Williamsburg Pottery Campground Shelter 901 Lightfoot Road, Williamsburg, VA 23188.


The modern-day city in Virginia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Williamsburg,_Virginia

Visit Williamsburg Pottery: http://www.visitwilliamsburg.com/williamsburg-attractions/shopping-in-williamsburg/williamsburg-pottery/index.aspx

Singer-Songwriter Nate Tao Shares his Language of Love

Video with CC (english transcilbed) - Singer-Songwriter Nate Tao Shares his Language of Love.

TaiwaneseAmerican.org's Ho Chie Tsai chats with singer-songwriter Nate Tao about his career and passion creating music. Nate is an LA-based artist known for his smooth but powerful voice. He is of Taiwanese descent, born to DEAF parents, but managed to discover his love for the most universal language, music.

Nate was the winner of the 2012 Kollaboration LA Asian American talent competition. In November of 2012, he will compete at the Kollaboration Finale at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

Subscribe: taiwaneseamericanorg

Check out:








Special thanks to Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP-LA) for hosting the Annual Banquet and Casino Night where Nate was a guest performer.


Video source taiwaneseamericanorg

Deaf Preschooler Forbidden To Sign Own Name

Video with CC (english transcilbed) - Deaf Preschooler Forbidden to Sign Own Name Because Gesture Resembles Gun.

Grand Island, Nebraska (1011now) School Sign Language Controversy - Steve Ross Reports at 9. Grand Island Preschooler Asked to Change the Sign for His Name in School.

School demands that boy must change his name from Hunter because it violates its weapons policy. Hunter Spanjer says his name with a certain special hand gesture, but at just three and a half years old, he may have to change it.

"He's deaf, and his name sign, they say, is a violation of their weapons policy," explained Hunter's father, Brian Spanjer.

Grand Island Public Schools's "Weapons in Schools" Board Policy 8470 forbids "any instrument...that looks like a weapon," But a three year-old's hands?

"Anybody that I have talked to thinks this is absolutely ridiculous. This is not threatening in any way," said Hunter's grandmother Janet Logue.

"It's a symbol. It's an actual sign, a registered sign, through S.E.E.," Brian Spanjer said.

S.E.E. stands for Signing Exact English, Hunter's sign language. Hunter's name gesture is modified with crossed-fingers to show it is uniquely his own.

"We are working with the parents to come to the best solution we can for the child," said Jack Sheard, Grand Island Public Schools spokesperson.

That's just about all GIPS officials will say for now.

Meantime, Hunter's parents say that by Monday, lawyers from the National Association of the Deaf are likely to weigh in for Hunter's right to sign his own name.

Despite whatever rules and regulations may exist, some Grand Islanders we spoke with said they don't think it's right to make a three year-old change the way he says his name.

"It's his name. It's not like he's going to bring a gun to school when he's three years old," commented Dana Schwieger.

"I find it very difficult to believe that the sign language that shows his name resembles a gun in any way would even enter a child's mind," Grand Island resident Fredda Bartenbach reflected.

But for now, that's a discussion between the Spanjers and Grand Island Public Schools officials.

Deaf toddler told by school to change his name sign

by Sameer Vasta

In a horrible case of political correctness gone wrong, a
deaf boy is being told he's not allowed to sign his name at school
anymore. School officials need a lesson in common sense.

Hunter Spanjer is like any other three-year-old
boy: he goes to pre-school, plays with friends, and learns new things
every day. If the local school district has its way, Hunter may have to
learn how to say his name, all over again.

Hunter is deaf, and communicates using sign language. School officials in his district are upset at the way his name is signed; they
claim that the sign may look like wagging guns and that the perceived
action is potentially threatening and inappropriate for the school

The officials at the school
district seems to be the only people who feel threatened by Hunter's
name; the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association of
the Deaf have both urged the school board to reconsider its situation,
and the general feeling is that the school is reading too much into an
innocuous sign.

They are absolutely right.
Forcing Hunter to change the way he signs his name is like changing his
name itself. No school should be able to force a child to change her or
his name because of an over-extension of political correctness. Hunter's
signing of his name is not a threat to anyone at the school or in the
school district; it is his way of connecting with people, making
friends, and forging his identity.

I have no
doubt that the school district will realize its folly and reverse their
decision soon, if not today. Their knee-jerk reaction was made without
any common sense or any concern over the well-being of their student — a
contrarian behavior from an organization that is supposed to have the
well-being of the student as their primary concern.

then, let's make sure that the school officials realize that sometimes
decisions need to be made with a little thought and a little context,
rather than in a vacuum from up high. And let's make sure little Hunter
knows that his name is his own, and he should be proud of it and proud
of who he is.

Source: http://www.1011now.com/home/headlines/Grand-Island-Preschooler-Forbidden-Sign-Language-for-His-Own-Name-167394325.html

Related - Tubers Repsonses:

School says deaf boy's name sign looks too much like a gun @ Hunter Spanjer

School asks deaf preschooler to change his sign language name

Child's name violates the school board's.... well, you won't believe me

3 year old Deaf boy Hunter Spanjer is told by pre school to change the way he signs

Hunter Spanjer's School Won't Let Him Sign His Name?!

Deaf Preschooler Hunter Spanjer is Forced to Change Sign Name

School wants deaf 3-year-old to change name because the way he refers to himself in sign language.

School asks deaf preschooler to change his sign language name

Video source: CrazyNews88

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Ethan's Song - Mother Sings to Her Deaf Child

Video with English Subtitles - Ethan's Song - Mother Sings to Her Deaf Child.

Ethan's Song was written for me by Helen Goldwyn. Along with Christina Fry we make up the trio Ladies GoDiva. After Ethan came to watch an LGD performance one night, Helen was inspired to write this beautiful song. As a fellow singer she was able to understand and capture the raw emotion and curiosity I feel when I think about Ethan's love of music. For many years after his diagnosis I was unable to sing, I was devastated. Music had been a driving force in my life and my limited knowledge of deafness led me to believe that he would never be able to experience it. Ten years on I find myself standing in the Olympic Stadium watching my son performing the national anthem for THE QUEEN and billions of people across the globe, and rocking out like it is the funkiest piece imaginable. He has music in his bones. He doesn't need to hear it because he feels it and he loves it. In fact he is accessing it in ways that hearing people can never understand. As he began to love music with the help of his amazing choir, Kaos, so my self-imposed veto on singing was lifted. The journey Ethan has taken me on has taught me so much. Above all I now know for a fact that a disability does not have to be limiting, it just means you experience life in different ways.

Stephen Bentley-Klein is a man of extraordinary talent and experience who has co-produced and arranged Ethan's Song and all of my church music. His passion and professionalism are inspiring. To him I shall forever be grateful. He has a profoundly deaf daughter, Charlotte: a wonderful friend to both Ethan and me.

My thanks to the excellent Mark Smith for his input and collaboration on the style of signing used within Ethan's Song. Although I had been signing and singing for some time he really brought to life for me the musicality and dance-like expression that BSL can have. Mark is himself deaf and is Founder and Artistic Director of the group Deaf Men Dancing. As a choreographer he is currently busy working on the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics.

Thanks to Mixmonkey for the mix. Subscribe: Katherine Mount

Video source Katherine Mount

Sophie Woolley in 'Deaf Faker'

Video with Captions - 'Deaf Faker' Written and performed by actor Sophie Woolley. This is a spoof series in which she plays a hearing actor/TV presenter on a 'Faking It' style mission to fake being deaf. Sophie Woolley is known for a number of roles on stage, radio and TV, including Gabby in Channel 4's Cast Offs series. Subscribe: Sophie Woolley

Visit: http://www.www.sophiewoolley.com

Filmmaker/Videos by Sophie Woolley

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Is Deaf 100% Independent in India ?

Video with Captions - Is Deaf 100% Independent in India ?

President & Vice-President of India Deaf Expo 2012 shared their views on the difficulties that Deaf faced in Independent India and recommended that India must Change for the benefit of Deaf people living in India. Subscribe: IndiaDeafExpo

Related Article/News: Ban on Bulk SMS Hits Deaf People Hard

Video source IndiaDeafExpo

The Official Trailer 'Barfi!'

Watch The Official Trailer Of The Upcoming Hindi Movie Barfi! Starring Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Illeana D'Cruz.

About Barfi:

Barfi movie The movie is a murder mystery. Ranbir Kapoor plays Murphy, a happy-go-lucky DEAF person while Priyanka Chopra plays the role of an autistic girl in the film. Ileana D'Cruz plays the narrator of the film. This movie is directed by Anurag Basu and comes in romance category. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barfi!

Release date: 14 September 2012: http://www.utvgroup.com/motion-pictures/coming-soon/barfii.html

Video source: UTVMotionPictures

Video source: BroAryan

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Ban On Bulk SMS Hits Deaf People Hard

NewsX: Ban on bulk SMS hits Deaf people hard of the nation India.

NEW DELHI - The Government of India's blanket ban orders on limiting the number of SMSes may have been rational in terms of its bid to stop miscreants from sending bulk sms that spread panic. But there's a whole new segment that finds the clock stops as soon as the smses stop.

The most inconvenienced by this order are the 1.8 million hearing & speech impaired citizens of the nation. It began as a move to stem the exodus of North Eastern citizens... arising out of rumours being spread by certain vested interest groups.

Video by newsxlive

The government in an effort to stop these messages initiated a ban on more than 5 sms from any pre-paid number for 15 days. Amidst criticism and growing public outcry the govt increased the limit to 20 sms a day. A Deaf person would require to send anywhere between 100 to 250 sms' per day to carry on with their basic activities... Read more: http://www.newsx.com/videos/ban-bulk-sms-hits-speech-impaired-hard?

NY Judge Accused of Molested Deaf Niece

Video: NY judge accused of molested Deaf niece.

Syracuse, NY. - Former Onondaga County Family Court judge Bryan R. Hedges is accused of sexually abusing his 5-year-old Deaf niece 40 years ago. Ellen Cantwell Warner, the suspected victim in this case, spoke out at Vera House in Syracuse Thursday.

Video by CNYCentralNews

"An experience like this would be difficult for any child growing up, but it is especially difficult for a Deaf child, whose communication is limited. He preyed on my deafness," says Warner. "40 years of trauma have finally come to an end. I am at peace. The truth has set me free. I feel like a butterfly that has finally emerged."... Read more: http://www.cnycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=791959

Ellen Warner is holding a press conference after coming forward to say she was sexually abused... Read more: http://www.cnycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=791959

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Make Videophone Calls Like A Champ !

Video: Make videophone calls like a champ! in American Sign Language.

Welcome to the world of making and receiving videophone calls! "Make Videophone calls like a Champ" explores how you can improve your videophone conversations... and become a "Champ"!

VRS or Video Phones calls are placed in the home or at an office. They are held over a standard broadband internet connection through specially designed, easy-to-use, videophones connected to a TV monitor or through a personal computer with a web camera.

Video by DEAF411

The Deaf user sees a sign language interpreter on the monitor and signs to the interpreter, who then calls the hearing user via a standard phone line and continues to relay the conversation between them.

Go to Video Relay Service (VRS) Providers: http://deafyouvideo.blogspot.com/p/video-relay-services.html

Unconscious Racism, Cultural Appropriation, & Dreadlocks

Video: Unconscious Racism, Cultural Appropriation, & Dreadlocks in captioned.

Video by loveabloom

For more information about cultural appropriation and dreadlocks:










Dirty Signs With Kristin Wanna-Be ?

Video: Dirty Signs With Kristin Wanna-Be ? in captioned.

'How to Talk Dirty Without Saying a Word'. It's Hump day again! Today, I am teaching you dirty words in sign language! Want to know more dirty signs? Just ask in the comments section of my vlogs, and I'll see what I can do.

Video by everydayiscarlyday

This video clip is Familiar with 'Dirty Signs With Kristin'

Does Carly Stong's video clip that copycat such a "wanna-be" by 'Dirty Signs With Kristin' videos?

'Everyday is Carly Day' - Featuring Carly Stong in which a video clip was under FIRE for flubbing a many wrong gestures of dirty signs and insulted the ASL-Culture community.

Numerous ASL-users community have objected to the video clip on the grounds that it features incomprehensible signs that from Carly Stong's 'How to Talk Dirty Without Saying a Word' which this is a saddening testimony to how ignored and oppressed the ASL-users community. Carly is just bad in signing and her selection of really mocking and ludicrous phrases to "teach" to the public shows a huge disrespect for ASL-users and Deaf people.

Deaf viewers are outraged by nonsensical signing claiming 'How to Talk Dirty Without Saying a Word', which leading campaigner who want a good quality of learning american sign language for deaf and hearing adults as Carly claimed.

Deaf viewers said incoherent video clip makes second-class citizens out of disability sufferers, ASL-users community view is that what Carly is doing is a classic case of exploitation and wrong message to the hearing people who is learning in ASL. This is a phrase and no-so-subtle message for Carly Stong, who butchers and disrespects the langauge of the american sign language community for cheap laughs.

As you can seen on the articles about Dirty Signs With Kristin's videos under fire:

ASL Community Outraged Over 'Super Smutty Sign Language'

'Dirty Sign With Kristin' ASL Videos Under Fire!

Listen Up, Kristin (Dirty Signs With Kristin) @thfemale

Find more about Carly Stong:

Check out: http://www.carlystong.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EverydayIsCarlyday

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarlyStong

Have A Nice Day!

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Police Brutality Taser On Innocent Deaf Woman

Video: Police brutality taser on innocent Deaf woman.

Tacoma, WA. - KIRO TV’s investigative unit has discovered Tacoma police used force to arrest and handcuff an innocent Deaf woman after she called 911 for their help.

She called for police assistance after a guest reportedly attacked her in her own apartment. Deaf since birth, White used a special video-equipped phone, connected to a TV and a Web camera, to call 911. A certified American Sign Language interpreter on the other end verbally relayed White’s pleas for help to a Tacoma police dispatcher.

KIRO 7 Investigative Reporter Chris Halsne.

Instead of an apology, she ended up bloody and in jail for nearly three days without an interpreter before a prosecutor declined to press charges... Read more:


Watch Video in ASL: Deaf Woman Helpless Without Interpreter:


Watch Raw Video: 911 Call Through Sign Language Interpreter:


As seen on Article: http://deafyouvideo.blogspot.com/2012/08/us-police-brutalize-terrorize-african.html

ASL Honor Society Pledge

Video: The official pledge of the American Sign Language Honor Society.

Video by aslhs

Visit: http://www.aslhonorsociety.org for more information.

Cochlear Implants Is NOT A Cure !

Video: My experience with people telling me there is a "cure" for deafness American Sign Language.

Video by Elise Melito

Worthwhile to watch a video clip of poem in ASL: I Don't Need Your Cure

Cochlear Implants are a Form of Child Abusing

On the surface, cochlear implants sound like a promising medical solution to the problems surrounding hearing loss or total deafness. A cochlear implant uses existing nerves and electronic signals to override damaged auditory nerves, thus restoring a sense of hearing to the recipient. However, this technology has also caused serious divisions within the Deaf community concerning the hearing society's position on deafness in general.

A number of members of the hearing impaired community choose to view their Deaf status as a subculture of society, in the same sense as a Hispanic person would embrace his or her Hispanic culture. Deafness is not a handicap person, but a shared experience which gives the hearing impaired its unique cultural identity. To members of this Deaf subculture, cochlear implants are considered disrespectful and insulting, since the medical community views deafness as a handicap which must be treated or corrected. As seen on article: http://www.cochlearwar.com/myths_and_facts.html

Certain factions of the hearing loss also believe a deaf person's ability to live a full and meaningful life is not compromised by his or her deafness, so the suggestion that cochlear implants provide advantages over a Deaf lifestyle is shortsighted and insensitive. Many Deaf people cope very well with their deafness, learning sign language and lip reading and adapting their work and home environments to accommodate their loss of hearing. Perhaps the cochlear implant is only for the MONEY as the dirty business? As seen on Cochlear Business Is Dirty Business! with closed captioned.

Another controversy surrounding cochlear implants is the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. Cochlear implantation involves major surgery in an area of the body filled with delicate nerves which control facial movements. One mistake during surgery could cause long-term facial paralysis, also and it is might be a risk to cochlear implant users where the thunderstorms approaching as seen on: Cochlear Implant User Struck By Lightning

Cochlear implants can also destroy any remaining healthy auditory nerves, which means a Deaf person could lose all remnants of natural hearing which may have helped them adjust to a Deaf lifestyle. Cochlear implants require the recipient to undergo significant fine-tuning sessions, and success can vary widely from recipient to recipient.

The controversy over cochlear implants often pits hearing parents against Deaf parents when it comes to raising their Deaf children in a hearing world. Many Deaf parents would prefer to raise their Deaf child in a Deaf culture, including the use of sign language and lip reading. Hearing parents who are not familiar with the Deaf community may opt for the cochlear implant surgery to correct their Deaf child's perceived handicap as seen on article: Cochlear Implant Cruelty -deafness.about.com

The result may be a Deaf child who can partially hear, or a hearing child with a Deaf cultural heritage. Either way, the child may face social ostracism from both communities if the parents do not consider the long-term effects of cochlear implant surgery. Not all members of the Deaf community view cochlear implants as an unnecessary procedure, but hearing parents facing a difficult decision concerning a Deaf child may want to research both sides of the controversy before committing to cochlear implant surgery. Hearing impairment: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hearing_impairment

What Is the Leading Cause of Child Abandonment?

History of Abandonment/Abuse

History tends to repeat itself and this is especially true of abuse and neglect patterns. Parents who experienced abuse, neglect or abandonment at the hands of someone when they were a child are more likely to repeat the pattern and abuse, neglect or abandon their own children. UNICEF estimates that 13 million children worldwide have been abandoned by both parents for various reasons, abuse and neglect among them. Watch the video in behavioral problems for not learning in sign language and oppression as seen on YouTube: Alone In A Hearing World

Handicap/Illness of Child

A child born with a handicap, birth defect or chronic illness has a higher chance of being abandoned by their parents. Since infants and children are needy to begin with, parents living with a child with a chronic condition may not be able to cope with the increased demands of their child. Like parents who live in poverty, these parents believe their child will be better off without them and abandon these child to the foster care system or to live with other relatives.

Behavioral Problems

All children experience behavior problems as they grow and learn about the world around them. For some parents, their child's misbehavior is a source of extreme stress they are unable to handle. Other parents have children with extreme, even criminal, behavior that they are unable or unwilling to control. These children are at an increased risk of being removed from their parent's care or having their parents find alternative placement situations for them. Watch the video in behavioral problems as seen on YouTube: Alone In A Hearing World

Have A Nice Day!

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Families For RMDS Needs Your Help & Support!

Video: Families for RMDS needs your help & support in American Sign Language.

Contact: Kristen and Derek, Families for RMDS: familiesforrmds2090@gmail.com

More information at: http://www.familiesforrmds.org

Video by Familiesforrmds


As seen on the articles: http://deafyouvideo.blogspot.com/2012/07/2090-coalition-support-rocky-mountain.html and/or http://deafyouvideo.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-fight-for-schools-future.html

2090 Coalition: Support Rocky Mountain Deaf School.

Support RMDS! Learn more about Rocky Mountain Deaf School needs your support to secure a location for an appropriate building design that would help to meet the educational and safety needs of RMDS students.

The "2090 Coalition (Save Our Park)" is a group of local residents in Lakewood who are petitioning for an election over the building of a new school at 2090 South Wright Street for Rocky Mountain Deaf School (RMDS), a Jeffco Charter School. RMDS wants to move from a strip mall in Golden to this property owned by Jefferson County School District. RMDS can build a 46,000 square-foot new school with an appropriate building design that would help to meet the educational and safety needs of maximum 100 RMDS students. This school would be nationally recognized and the first in the US to be built and designed by the deaf, for the deaf. RMDS must begin building on this property before November or risk losing a $13 million dollar grant from the BEST (Building Excellent Schools Today) program through the Colorado Department of Education. The BEST grant does not use taxpayer dollars - the funding comes primarily from lottery funds.

On June 25, 2012 the city of Lakewood approval the RMDS rezoning request of 2090 South Wright Street so RMDS can purchase the land and build a K-12 school. This land is currently owned by Jefferson County Schools and is zoned for a K-12 school for 300-400 students.

The 2090 Coalition supporters must collect over 3000 Lakewood registered voter signatures by Aug 10. If they succeed, the petition would force the Lakewood city council to revisit the decision. If the council refuses to overturn the rezoning, the issue would go to the voters this fall. The 2090 Coalition is jeopardizing the possibility of a new school for RMDS by delaying the process to the BEST grant deadline.

2090 Coalition petitioners have been seen in several locations spreading incorrect information to gain signatures on the petition which will interfere with the rezoning process of the 2090 South Wright Street property. Their platform is "Save Our Park" and they are telling residents whom they approach that they are "preserving open space". This land had never been open space nor has it ever belonged to the city of Lakewood (something the city's own attorney attests to). The developers zoned it for a school in 1973 and the fortunate residents have been enjoying these 10 acres since then. The proposed school would still benefit the residents and they would still be able to enjoy the adjoining 40 acres that are zoned as open space. Please - we need your support! Help to share the truth about this land and support Rocky Mountain Deaf School.

Have A Nice Day!

DYV Administaff.

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Marilyn Manson - This is the New S#*t: ASL Interpretation

American Sign Language Interpretation of Marilyn Manson's "This Is The New S#*t". by Bjorn Storm.

***Disclaimer: "The video that follow is not appropriate for children. This interpretation includes signs considered profane or vulgar. This is a song by Marilyn Manson, who is known for making music related to sensitive issues. References to politics, religion, and sex commonly appear in his lyrics.

Manson's music expresses his own opinion and perspectives... However, one need not share such perspectives in order to appreciate his music. I encourage us to continually challenge the meaning of "music for all". I believe access to music shouldn't be limited to "nice" or "safe" topics, but rather, full inclusion of the diversity that occurs within our music.

I ask that you keep an open mind while you watch. He hope you enjoy, and draw your own conclusions. Thank you". Bjorn took a chance on this - the video speaks for itself. Enjoy!

Video by st0rmfx

Music video by Marilyn Manson performing This Is The New Shit. (C) 2003 Nothing/Interscope Records. The Original Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kQMDSw3Aqo

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Chuck Baird Mural Exhibits 101-150

Video: Chuck Baird Mural Exhibits 101-150 - Famous Deaf person presentation on Chuck Baird biography in American Sign Language.

This is about an artist, Chuck Baird documenting and expressing his journey with social changes through an era. He witnesses several social and cultural changes in the Deaf World as early as 1950s. Chuck overcomes his struggle with his own Deaf identity until he completes his commission works. Chuck was one of few founding members of the established De'VIA art movement.

Video by TLCDEAF

Currently submitting and participating in a film festival.

Check it out: http://www.fisheyevisualarts.com/chuckbaird/a_feature_documentary_film.html and/or http://www.chuckbairdart.com/

As seen on article: In Memory of Charles "Chuck" Baird and/or Tribute To Chuck Baird

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Joe Biden Imitates Sign Language Interpreter

Must-See video clip of Democratic Vice President Joe Biden mocks a sign language interpreter.

Danville, VA. - Vice President of the United States of America Joe Biden speaker at institule for advanced learning and research in Danville, Virginia.

"I have more to say, but I am saying too much already because these guys get me going... and you're gonna have trouble translating all this! The poor lady, she's gonna have tendonitis by the time she finishes this." Joe Biden says.

Video by PatriotPost

Very disrespectful to the interpreter lady felt of humility and embarrassment front on the television national broadcast, which Joe mockingly ASL users community. Should the Deaf communities vote for Barrack Obama and Joe Biden election party for second term for the U.S. presidential that continue to mockingly and stereotype ASL users? You decide...

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/08/14/Biden-Mockingly-Imitates-Sign-Language-Lady

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ENC School For The Deaf Stays Open

CBS-WNCT - Community Helps Save Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf.

Wilson, N.C. - It’s a time for celebration for an important school here in the East. The state had plans to potentially shut down the Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf, but the community has helped change their minds. It’s the news they have been waiting for.

Video source by wnct.com

The school will stay open. “It’s good for the socialization for our kids to communicate more to develop their language and learn more,” explained Leigh Thorpe. Her two sons are just two of the students who will call ENCSD home... Read more: http://www2.wnct.com/news/2012/aug/16/community-helps-save-enc-school-deaf-ar-2526170/

GDW Amazing Women Campaign

Video: Global Deaf Women (GDW) Amazing Women Campaign. Be featured in an Amazing Women Interview with Sofia Seitchik, CEO of Global Deaf Women in American Sign Language.

Video by GDW4U

Learn more by watching Sofia Seitchik's VLOG about the Amazing Women Interview Competition!

Global Deaf Women supports small business owners to gain confidence and manifest business success. Through focused business strategy coaching, our clients align their passion and vision, and generate true profit. More information at: http://globaldeafwomen.com/

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Disability, Ability, and Greatness

Video: Disability, Ability, and Greatness in captioned.

Video by Benny Adam

Further Notes/Further Questions:

0. It is hard to determine if historical figures were autistic, but it is widely believed that Albert Einstein, Paul Dirac (Nobel Prize Physics 1933), and possibly Isaac Newton were autistic, among others. There are many who assert that autism and Musical/Mathematical genius are positively linked.

1. Alexander Graham Bell is actually a controversial figure. Q: Is it a contradiction to be both deaf and hearing? Are we involuntarily turning our children into cyborgs by giving them cochlear implants? Should we take advantage of critical periods of learning, or should we wait to allow a child to decide for him/herself whether he or she really wants a cochlear implant?

2. Dostoyevsky's full name is Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky (abbreviated in video).

3. Kay Kavus is a character from the Persian National Epic, the Letter of Kings (the Shahnameh). Note the winged man flying next to the throne.

4. Harriet Tubman was not actually born with narcolepsy. She developed it after being struck (violently) by an overseer when she was a slave.

5. Wheels, associated with wheelchairs, are in fact powerful philosophical and historical symbols. The Ashoka Chakra is a wheel associated with the idea of the Chakravartin, a righteous ruler who, without moving himself, becomes the axis around which the world turns.

6. Question (to contemplate): Is the significance of Princess Changping in Chinese Culture her historical role, or her mythical role as a figure in Chinese folklore?

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Charlie Chaplin Great Dictator In ASL

Video: "Charlie Chaplin Great Dictator in American Sign Language".

Powerful speech by Charlie Chaplin in the Great Dictator.

Written and Performed by: Charlie Chaplin.

Translated and Performed by: Wink: www.WinkASL.com

Video by WinkASL

An inspiring speech from an often unheard voice. How true its message is today as it was then. The Great Dictator (1940) - Charlie Chaplin - Final Speech with Subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX25PDBb708

US Police Brutalize, Terrorize African-Americans

Video: US police brutalize, terrorize African-Americans.

The death of a young black man while handcuffed in the back of a police car, a Deaf woman arrested by police and put in jail after she called 911 to get help, a cop caught on camera hitting a handcuffed man and the lynching of a black teenager by White supremacists.

These are all real stories and among many coming from the US. On this edition of News Analysis we're asking what's gone wrong.

Video by PressTVGlobalNews

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Torn Between Deaf and Hearing Worlds

Video: Deaf family finds themselves torn between Deaf and Hearing worlds, Part one to six in captioned.

A documentary film about the oppression by the hearing people - If you watch this videos, then you guys should open your eyes and understand in "Between Deaf and Hearing Worlds" shows true to life scenarios overcome discrimination of a young Deaf girl growing up in a between Deaf and hearing worlds.

Video by Paro77777

Familiar Stories of the Mainstreaming...

Alone in a Hearing World shows true to life scenarios of a young Deaf boy growing up in a hearing world. With family members who can't communicate and continuous misunderstandings by his teachers and coaches, he is forced to live in a world of isolation. However, when he pleas for his Mothers understanding and falls short, he ends up in the only place he seems to find acceptance, as seen on YouTube: Alone In A Hearing World.

Similar video as seen on: Alone In A Deaf World

"Alone In The Mainstream" (best seller book for the teachers) - A Deaf woman remembers public schools - Gina A. Oliva in which a book is a part of education for hearing parents to understanding with Deaf children in the mainstream schools, as seen on YouTube: Alone In The Mainstream

Also and, check it out DrDonGCSUS's vlog with captions: Mainstreaming Is Failing Deaf Students

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Oppression At West Tennessee School For The Deaf

Video: Oppression At West Tennessee School For The Deaf in American Sign Language.

A terror of oppression and audism at West Tennessee School for the Deaf (WTSD), which state-operated elementary school for Deaf children ages 2 to 13 from throughout west Tennessee in Jackson.

Regarding to the terrbile story that the Deafies to pay the visit at WTSD, all of suddenly the staff's rude attitude toward a deaf visitor and discriminated ASL users, and kicked out for no reason. However, a vlogger felt an insulted from the WTSD staff members and decided to posted a vlog.

We (deafies) should make effort to visit Deaf schools when we travel to some states. Good reminder to all of us. We need to watch out for red flags so we can stand up and protect Deaf children. The Deaf community agree with vloggers that there is something wrong with that school. The way how they treated deaf visitors is quite alarming because if they showed no respect for you as a Deaf adult then their treatment to Deaf children could be far worse.

WTSD's web-site says "An Individual Education Plan is developed for each student enrolled at WTSD. Total communication is used throughout our program by all staff members. Small class sizes and individualized programs aid in the success of our students. Continuous collaboration between teachers, speech pathologists, and audiologists provides optimal information for instructional programming." Is that a joke? watch the vlogs and weep.

My WTSD Visit: Red Flag!
 Video by ridor9th

This vlog fully explained about the visit to West Tennessee School for the Deaf two days ago and it was surreal experience.


Message for Principal of West Tennessee School for the Deaf.

Video by WonderGent

Message for both Principal of WTSD, Kristi Lindsey and Superintendent of TSD, Alan Mealka regarding Principal's rude attitude toward a deaf visitor on Aug 7, 2012.

Check it out at WTSD's staff of the oppression and supremacist at web-site: http://www.wtsd.tn.org/staff.html

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The Fight For A School's Future

Video: The fight for a school's future in Colorado in captioned.

Rocky Mountain Deaf School is trying to purchase vacant property from a local school district to build a school of its own. But a group of neighbors calling itself 2090 Coalition circulated a petition to force a vote to overturn the property's rezoning, claiming that the land belongs to the city of Lakewood.

The coalition used paid petitioners who were overheard lying to voters about what the petition is about. The coalition itself is also lying to Lakewood citizens by claiming a vote in favor of overturning the rezoning will save "open space." If the rezoning is overturned, the property will NOT remain open space, but will return to K-8 zoning and still belong to Jefferson County Public Schools.

The first portion of this video shows the current facility RMDS is in. The second portion consists of interviews with two RMDS supporters who personally heard and witnessed misconduct by the coalition's paid petitioners.

Video by TSchupner

This video was produced by Tara Schupner, a writer for Deaf Echo. Her columns about the issue can be viewed at http://deafecho.com/2012/07/not-in-my-backyard-the-truth-about-the-fight-for-a-deaf-schools-future/ from www.deafecho.com.

She also published a column with The Denver Post; it can be viewed at http://www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_21221191/guest-commentary-education-crucial-petition-process.

Also seen on article: http://deafyouvideo.blogspot.com/2012/07/2090-coalition-support-rocky-mountain.html

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University Students Educated Of The Audism

Video: Audism - Understanding its meaning and implications in the Deaf community.

Eugene, OR. - You've heard of sexism, racism, anti-Semitism... How about audism? Audism is discrimination based on the ability or inability to hear. Students met members of the local Deaf community, who shared their encounters with audism, and their experiences growing up Deaf in a hearing world.

Johanna Larson, University of Oregon, American Sign Language Instructor, moderated a screening of the documentary film, Audism Unveiled, and a panel discussion hosting members of our local Deaf community, who shared their encounters with audism, and their experiences growing up Deaf in a hearing world.

Video by UOregon

The film and discussion facilitated an examination of the rich and complex identities of Deaf Culture through "real life experiences from Deaf people of varied social, racial, and educational backgrounds-showing how audism does lasting and harmful damage." The event also included live transcription for the signing impaired.