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Oppression At West Tennessee School For The Deaf

Video: Oppression At West Tennessee School For The Deaf in American Sign Language.

A terror of oppression and audism at West Tennessee School for the Deaf (WTSD), which state-operated elementary school for Deaf children ages 2 to 13 from throughout west Tennessee in Jackson.

Regarding to the terrbile story that the Deafies to pay the visit at WTSD, all of suddenly the staff's rude attitude toward a deaf visitor and discriminated ASL users, and kicked out for no reason. However, a vlogger felt an insulted from the WTSD staff members and decided to posted a vlog.

We (deafies) should make effort to visit Deaf schools when we travel to some states. Good reminder to all of us. We need to watch out for red flags so we can stand up and protect Deaf children. The Deaf community agree with vloggers that there is something wrong with that school. The way how they treated deaf visitors is quite alarming because if they showed no respect for you as a Deaf adult then their treatment to Deaf children could be far worse.

WTSD's web-site says "An Individual Education Plan is developed for each student enrolled at WTSD. Total communication is used throughout our program by all staff members. Small class sizes and individualized programs aid in the success of our students. Continuous collaboration between teachers, speech pathologists, and audiologists provides optimal information for instructional programming." Is that a joke? watch the vlogs and weep.

My WTSD Visit: Red Flag!
 Video by ridor9th

This vlog fully explained about the visit to West Tennessee School for the Deaf two days ago and it was surreal experience.


Message for Principal of West Tennessee School for the Deaf.

Video by WonderGent

Message for both Principal of WTSD, Kristi Lindsey and Superintendent of TSD, Alan Mealka regarding Principal's rude attitude toward a deaf visitor on Aug 7, 2012.

Check it out at WTSD's staff of the oppression and supremacist at web-site: http://www.wtsd.tn.org/staff.html

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