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Torn Between Deaf and Hearing Worlds

Video: Deaf family finds themselves torn between Deaf and Hearing worlds, Part one to six in captioned.

A documentary film about the oppression by the hearing people - If you watch this videos, then you guys should open your eyes and understand in "Between Deaf and Hearing Worlds" shows true to life scenarios overcome discrimination of a young Deaf girl growing up in a between Deaf and hearing worlds.

Video by Paro77777

Familiar Stories of the Mainstreaming...

Alone in a Hearing World shows true to life scenarios of a young Deaf boy growing up in a hearing world. With family members who can't communicate and continuous misunderstandings by his teachers and coaches, he is forced to live in a world of isolation. However, when he pleas for his Mothers understanding and falls short, he ends up in the only place he seems to find acceptance, as seen on YouTube: Alone In A Hearing World.

Similar video as seen on: Alone In A Deaf World

"Alone In The Mainstream" (best seller book for the teachers) - A Deaf woman remembers public schools - Gina A. Oliva in which a book is a part of education for hearing parents to understanding with Deaf children in the mainstream schools, as seen on YouTube: Alone In The Mainstream

Also and, check it out DrDonGCSUS's vlog with captions: Mainstreaming Is Failing Deaf Students

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