Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

Ban On Bulk SMS Hits Deaf People Hard

NewsX: Ban on bulk SMS hits Deaf people hard of the nation India.

NEW DELHI - The Government of India's blanket ban orders on limiting the number of SMSes may have been rational in terms of its bid to stop miscreants from sending bulk sms that spread panic. But there's a whole new segment that finds the clock stops as soon as the smses stop.

The most inconvenienced by this order are the 1.8 million hearing & speech impaired citizens of the nation. It began as a move to stem the exodus of North Eastern citizens... arising out of rumours being spread by certain vested interest groups.

Video by newsxlive

The government in an effort to stop these messages initiated a ban on more than 5 sms from any pre-paid number for 15 days. Amidst criticism and growing public outcry the govt increased the limit to 20 sms a day. A Deaf person would require to send anywhere between 100 to 250 sms' per day to carry on with their basic activities... Read more: http://www.newsx.com/videos/ban-bulk-sms-hits-speech-impaired-hard?

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