Kamis, 23 Agustus 2012

Make Videophone Calls Like A Champ !

Video: Make videophone calls like a champ! in American Sign Language.

Welcome to the world of making and receiving videophone calls! "Make Videophone calls like a Champ" explores how you can improve your videophone conversations... and become a "Champ"!

VRS or Video Phones calls are placed in the home or at an office. They are held over a standard broadband internet connection through specially designed, easy-to-use, videophones connected to a TV monitor or through a personal computer with a web camera.

Video by DEAF411

The Deaf user sees a sign language interpreter on the monitor and signs to the interpreter, who then calls the hearing user via a standard phone line and continues to relay the conversation between them.

Go to Video Relay Service (VRS) Providers: http://deafyouvideo.blogspot.com/p/video-relay-services.html

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