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Dirty Signs With Kristin Wanna-Be ?

Video: Dirty Signs With Kristin Wanna-Be ? in captioned.

'How to Talk Dirty Without Saying a Word'. It's Hump day again! Today, I am teaching you dirty words in sign language! Want to know more dirty signs? Just ask in the comments section of my vlogs, and I'll see what I can do.

Video by everydayiscarlyday

This video clip is Familiar with 'Dirty Signs With Kristin'

Does Carly Stong's video clip that copycat such a "wanna-be" by 'Dirty Signs With Kristin' videos?

'Everyday is Carly Day' - Featuring Carly Stong in which a video clip was under FIRE for flubbing a many wrong gestures of dirty signs and insulted the ASL-Culture community.

Numerous ASL-users community have objected to the video clip on the grounds that it features incomprehensible signs that from Carly Stong's 'How to Talk Dirty Without Saying a Word' which this is a saddening testimony to how ignored and oppressed the ASL-users community. Carly is just bad in signing and her selection of really mocking and ludicrous phrases to "teach" to the public shows a huge disrespect for ASL-users and Deaf people.

Deaf viewers are outraged by nonsensical signing claiming 'How to Talk Dirty Without Saying a Word', which leading campaigner who want a good quality of learning american sign language for deaf and hearing adults as Carly claimed.

Deaf viewers said incoherent video clip makes second-class citizens out of disability sufferers, ASL-users community view is that what Carly is doing is a classic case of exploitation and wrong message to the hearing people who is learning in ASL. This is a phrase and no-so-subtle message for Carly Stong, who butchers and disrespects the langauge of the american sign language community for cheap laughs.

As you can seen on the articles about Dirty Signs With Kristin's videos under fire:

ASL Community Outraged Over 'Super Smutty Sign Language'

'Dirty Sign With Kristin' ASL Videos Under Fire!

Listen Up, Kristin (Dirty Signs With Kristin) @thfemale

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