Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

Police Brutality Taser On Innocent Deaf Woman

Video: Police brutality taser on innocent Deaf woman.

Tacoma, WA. - KIRO TV’s investigative unit has discovered Tacoma police used force to arrest and handcuff an innocent Deaf woman after she called 911 for their help.

She called for police assistance after a guest reportedly attacked her in her own apartment. Deaf since birth, White used a special video-equipped phone, connected to a TV and a Web camera, to call 911. A certified American Sign Language interpreter on the other end verbally relayed White’s pleas for help to a Tacoma police dispatcher.

KIRO 7 Investigative Reporter Chris Halsne.

Instead of an apology, she ended up bloody and in jail for nearly three days without an interpreter before a prosecutor declined to press charges... Read more:


Watch Video in ASL: Deaf Woman Helpless Without Interpreter:


Watch Raw Video: 911 Call Through Sign Language Interpreter:


As seen on Article: http://deafyouvideo.blogspot.com/2012/08/us-police-brutalize-terrorize-african.html

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