Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

Investing for Children

Investing for Children

Do you have children? Have you ever planned for the financial future of your children such as College Education, Marriage, Career…etc?

Most of the people in United States never think about the financial future of their children. And when they start thinking about their children’s financial future, It’s too late. Yes, This is true. I receive so many queries from USA like, I want to Invest for my child’s future but don’t get enough time from my job or I want to plan the Investments for my child’s future but what’s the hurry? They are just kids and many other excuses.

But well, according to me all of the above are the excuses and nothing else. Ideally you should start Investing for your Children from the first day they born. Yes, Starting Early is that much early in the game of Investment. There are several Child Insurance & Investment schemes available in the US Market. You can chose any investment scheme from the financial market.

However, the thing is that, You have to TAKE ACTION & START INVESTING EARLY. Starting Early is the only key of the Financial success. This is because those who have started early will accumulate more wealth than those who have started late or never ever invested.

Several people I know from USA have their children in High School but they are so much deep in debt that they simply can’t start investing. So your financial life is directly related to the Investment success. If you are a deep in debt than you will never ever invest for your child’s future.

So first of all, chose the sound financial life. Stay away from debt, spend less than you earn and start investing for children as early as possible means now…!!!

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