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My Journey To Billionaire Club: AdSense Earnings

My Journey To Billionaire Club: AdSense Earnings

People ask me that, What are your AdSense Earnings of MJ2BC Blog? Well, I have already mentioned my Adsense Earnings in great detail in the following Article,

Google AdSense Earnings & Revenue

However, I have not disclosed my CTR & eCPM because it’s against the AdSense Policy. I have explained the monthly web traffic levels (Visitors & Page Views) for the past 12 months in the above post. From that, you will have a clear idea about how this Blog Business is growing.

In the past one year only this Blog Business has grown to 1000% (10 Times) in web traffic levels as well as adsense earnings. This is really great for me. Right now the Blog is making $ 100-150 every month.

Now, let me tell you that what I have learn from my adsense experience. Well, I have learned from my own experience that, AdSense works best on the Content web properties. Mine is a Content Blog so AdSense worked a lot.

Now, many of you will be surprised by knowing that, many bloggers from all around the world are making 3-4 times money than me with the same level of web traffic. Well, I have the explanation for my lower earnings in comparison to the web traffic levels of this blog.

Well, the main reason for such a low earning from such a high level of web traffic on my blog is that, almost 90% of the web traffic on my blog is of Indian origin. And the CPC rates in India is very very low in comparison to other developed countries.

If my 90% of the web traffic was from USA than my current adsense earnings from the same level of web traffic would be anywhere between $ 500- $ 1000 per month…!!!! The Bloggers around the world who are making 3-4 times more money than me with the same level of the web traffic have 90% of their web traffic from USA, Australia & UK.

And that’s why in the year 2010, I will also focus on the USA Web traffic. I will try my best to bring the USA web traffic on this Blog. Because more the USA Web traffic, the more will be the revenue from AdSense. It is that much simple.

Successful Bloggers & Website owners from all around the world have targeted mainly the USA web traffic and that’s why they are making tons of money from their AdSense account.

Anyways, Here is the Alexa Traffic rank of MJ2BC.


Well, Yes. It’s 2,71,904 right now when I am writing this Article (January 2009). Hope to see this Traffic rank below 1,00,000 by the end of 2010.

Anyways….So Keep in touch….& if you have any queries regarding your web business and Google AdSense than please let me know. I will be more than happy to solve your all adsense related queries.

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