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Get Rich Stocks

Get Rich Stocks

Let us today discuss about Get Rich Stocks. Well, in real life there is nothing like such kind of stocks but I call them Get Rich Stocks because people are crazy about them. These includes, Penny Stocks, Hot Tip Stocks, TV & Media Popular Stocks…etc..

I call them get rich stocks because people think that by investing in these stocks, they will become rich in very short time. But unfortunately, this is a Myth. You should expect realistic returns from the stock market in the long run.

The US Stock market, which is world’s most matured stock market has give 11% Annual return in the long run (More than 10 Years). So you should expect5 this much return from the stock market. And if you make more return than this than you should consider it as a Bonus. and nothing else.

There are many Examples where people have invested just few thousand dollars 30 years before and today the valuation of their Investments is worth of hundreds of millions. One such Example is Berkshire Hathaway, The Investment Company by Warren Buffet.

However, such kind of Examples are very rare. And you should follow the time tested investment principles in your real life rather than searching for Get Rich Stocks. Many people have made their fortune from the Penny Stocks also. But it doesn’t mean that you will also make a fortune from the Penny Stocks.

When it comes to Investing, you should always stick to the basics. You should not expect unexceptionally higher returns from the stock market. So next time whenever someone tell you the hot tip in the stock market, simply stay away from such kind of hot tips.

Believe me, There is nothing like Get Rich Stocks in the real life. Becoming rich requires years of Patience & Disciplined Investment nothing else…!!!

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