Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Make Money Now

How to Make Money Now?

Years before when I ask my dad that, I want to make money now, How can this be possible? My Dad used to say that, You can not make money now. Because to make money, you will have to go to college, get good education and find out a great job. Than and only you can make money.

But well, that was the Industrial Age. I mean that was the era before 1990. Today it is the Information age and after the birth of the Internet after 1990, it is possible to make money now if you really decide to start making money right now. No college degrees required at all to make money in the Information Age. No huge Capitals require to make money in the modern era.

You just require the Internet Connection and a website/blog and of course the mind to make money now. NO higher education or hi-fi college degrees are required now to make money. In fact, a school going kid can also start making money now from his home or a school computer library.

Here are the 3 possible ways to make money now on the Internet without any kind of qualifications.

01) Sell Advertisement -

Simply find out your Passion and launch a Blog or website (Preferably a Blog) in the Niche about which you are Passionate about. Go to Google AdSense website & register for the account. Once your account is approved, copy and paste the adsense code on your blog/website and post quality, unique content on your website. That’s it. Once the web traffic will come, the money will automatically start flowing into your bank accounts.

02) Sell Your own Stuff Online -

Simply go to and launch your own eBay store online and start selling your own products online right now. Many people are in their twenties and they have set their successful store on eBay and right now they are enjoying a handsome cashflow while travelling the world.

03) Sell other people’s Stuff online (Affiliate Marketing) -

Are you not that much creative who can create his own Product? Than don’t worry. You can still make money online by selling other people’s stuff. This is known as Affiliate Marketing. & Amazon Affiliates are the good affiliate programs to start making money.

Thus, anyone can make money now from the above 3 ways online. So What are you waiting for? Don’t wait and start taking action right now.

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