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Make Money With Google

Make Money with Google

Many people ask me that, How do you make money with Google? Well, making money with Google is not some rocket science. You can make money with Google by understanding it’s program Google AdSense. Yes, it’s the amazing program in the history of mankind.

Adsense along with AdWords makes $ 20 Million Billion a year for Google. Yes, That’s Billion. And Google sends lots of money from this to literally millions of Publishers from all around the world. So What I say is that, making money from your Passion is really possible with Google AdSense.

Just find out your Passion and create the unique and good quality content in huge volume from that Passion and publish this content online. and put the AdSense code around it. Rest will take care by Google.

Take the Example of this Blog. Teaching people about Money & Personal Finance is my Passion. And I have created a huge content about Money & Finance from this Passion and today this Blog is making well above $ 100 per month for me without any of my effort.

Simply Go to Google AdSense website and know more about it. AdSense works best with the Content Websites mainly the Text Content. This Blog is Content Rich and that’s why the AdSense works very well with this Blog.

You will be surprised by knowing that it is also possible to make 6 Figure Income in dollars every year from your Content website. In fact, many Bloggers from all around the world are making 6 Figure Income every year from their Blogs and enjoy the Passive Income from their Blogs.

Here is a List of Blogs which owners are making 6 Figure Income every year from their Blogs.

01) ShoeMoney.com
02) Labnol.org
03) AmitBhawani.com
04) Entrepreneurs-Journey.com
05) Problogger.net
06) Copyblogger.com
07) Joelcomm.com
And Many more….

Yes, the above blogs are the Giant & Authority Blogs in their Niche and they are making literally 6 figure income from Google AdSense only for their owners.
Whenever a visitor on your website/blog clicks on those adds, you will get paid few cents to few dollars per click.

Now, first time, you will think that it’s the peanut size income but if your website receives thousands of visitors daily than small amount per click really adds up into a huge amount at the end of the month. Many Bloggers are making 5 Figure Income in Dollars every month from their Blogs and travelling the world while Blogging.

Isn’t it amazing? Thus, making money from Google is possible if you are Passionate about Something.

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