Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

Start Investing Now

Start Investing Now

My several friends ask me one common question every time - “When Should I Start Investing?”. My Simple and the best answer to all such kind of questions is - “Start Investing Now”.

But most of them don’t understand the deep meaning behind my this statement. Again after few months, they ask me the same question – when should I start Investing? I again reply that Start Investing Now. In fact, anybody anytime ask me this question, my answer is the same.

Many of my friends get frustrated by this answer and tell me that, Every time you give us the same advise again and again. Tell something new. Tell something about when is the right time to invest in the Stock market? When is the right time to start investing for a newbie?

Unfortunately, my answer to all of the above questions is the same – Start Investing Now.

Because NOW is the right time of Investing. I am saying this because this is the advise that amounts for 95% of your Investment success. The reason is the Compound interest. The Compound interest is so powerful over the time that, it multiplies your wealth in a breath taking manner. But for that, you have to invest for the long long time. You have to make time work for you via compound interest than and only it will work for you.

No matter how the market conditions today is. but the right time of investing is still now. There is an old saying that,

“The Best Time to Start Investing was 20 Years before & The Second Best Time is NOW.”

Thus, this much is the importance of starting early. If you can start investing today than don’t wait for tomorrow because the lost money can be recovered but the lost time can never be recovered.

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