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Make Money Blogging For Beginners

Make Money Blogging For Beginners

Are you a beginner and want to start your own Blog? And you don’t know anything about How to Blog? Than this Article is for you. After reading this Article, you will start your own money making blog right away. Well, don’t expect something miracle from this article. I mean as many internet marketers claim that after buying their product, you will start making money from your blog right away or within 24 hours. But this is not a case of blogs. It will require a lots of Patience and hard work to make money from your Blog. However, This is one time hard work only. Once you put this hard work, your job is over. The money will flow residually (Passively) in your bank accounts for the rest of your life with minimal efforts.

Now, if your are not a Techie and still want to start a Blog Business than start from Blogger is a Free blogging platform Google. You can easily access your blogger account from your Gmail user name and password. You can start your own blog within few minutes.

However, Wordpress is better option than Blogger but it is for somewhat advanced users of the Internet and requires the knowledge of C-Panel & Hosting.

Now, once you create your blog on the Blogspot platform, Don’t do anything except start posting on it vigorously. Say 5-10 posts a Day. I know that initially you will find it very difficult but once you develop a habit, you will be fine with such kind of habit.

Well, see. What matters in the Online world is the Size of the Content. The more Content you own, the more web traffic it will attract and the more money flow into your bank accounts. It’s that much easy. Say for Example This Blog. Right now when I am writing this Article, I am sitting on the Asset of 3000+ Articles which generate $ 100+ for me every month without my any effort. Because the people around the world will never stop consuming the Information by searching the web with Google and I will always get paid whenever a visitor will visit this Blog.

But to make huge money say 6 figure income every year from your blog, you MUST become the Huge Content Owner say for Example, 10,000 Article, 25,000 Articles or even more. Remember, the Content is like the Real Estate, the more content you own, the more money you will make. It’s that much easy.

And that’s why I advise beginners to start posting vigorously without fail from the first day you create your blog.

I hope this much Information will help you to make money blogging as a Beginner…!!!

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