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Start Investing with 100

Start Investing with $100

Many of my American Friends ask me that, How to start investing with just $ 100? Well, first of all, is it possible to start investing with this much of small amount? And if yes, than How? Well, of course, it is possible to start investing with just $ 100 in USA. Here is how.

Well, see the most simplest way to start investing with $ 100 is, you start SIP in some broad index fund which represent the basket of stocks in the whole index. I personally advise Vanguard Index Mutual Funds because they are well managed and associated with very low fund management charges.

You can start investing $ 100 every month in ETF and over the time, this small amounts of regular savings will end up in a large corpus. Now, you will ask me that this investment method for those who want to invest $ 100 every month. But what if I have only $ 100 to invest?

Well, This is the scenario of manly school going kids and college going students who haven’t start earning year. They have saved their first $ 100 from a part time job or from their pocket money and now they want to invest this money. Well, here are some innovative investment ideas for you if you have only $ 100 to invest.

01) Invest in Domain Names -

This is my most favourite investment with a little amount of money. Yes, Domain Names. Simply go to GoDaddy.com and buy Domain Names for you. It costs just $ 10 per Domain Name. You can make a portfolio of 10 Domain Names from $ 100 and if you use the discount coupon code, you will be able to buy it for just $ 7 per Domain Name.

Domain Names are the real estates of the Internet and investors invest in domain names for capital gains as well as residual income from the natural search engine traffic. The Domain name Loan.com was sold for whooping $ 3.1 Million in 2001. So you can imagine the potential of domain names.

02) Stamps & Coins -

You can also invest in stamps and coins and later on sell your portfolio to the new investor for a profit.

03) Vintage Coke Collectibles -

Vintage Coke bottles and crowns are the valuable assets in America and collectors are crazy behind them. Invest your money to buy such collectible items.

Thus, all of the above are the great Investments in which you can start investing with just $ 100. So what are you waiting for? Start investing your money now…!!!

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