Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

After the birth of the Internet in 1990, the new money making opportunity added into this world and this new money making opportunity in the world was the Online Money Making Opportunities. The best thing about this opportunity was that, it doesn’t require any higher educational degrees to start making money online.

Even a School going kid can also make money online from his home or a school computer library in free time. There are several money making opportunities online. Here are the few online money making ideas that you will surely like.

- Blogging
- Websites
- iPhone Applications
- Facebook Applications
- YouTube Videos
- Affiliate Marketing
- Social Networks
- Forums
- Domain Flipping
- Website Flipping
- eBay Shop
- And many more…

All of the above are the great make money online ideas. And you don’t require any higher college degrees to start making money from these ideas. Take the Example of Derek of TycoonCashflow.com. Derek started making 5 Figure Residual (passive) Income in dollars every year from affiliate market when he was just 19. Ane he bought his first Mercedes when he was just 19.


According to him, his other school friends will still have to study 5-8 years to earn this much amount of money from their jobs.

And that’s why I advise young generation to start making money online. Don’t follow the principles of Industrial age if you want become rich and financially free in your early life. But follow the principles of the Information age and learn how to make money online rather than wasting your time behind learning how to write a successful job letter…!!!

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