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Investing for College Students

Investing for College Students

Are you a college going student? Than let me ask you a question. The Question is – Have you Started Investing? I know that many of you will think that, what a crazy question is this? How can a college going student start investing? After all, the college life is the time to enjoy a life and spend money and still there is a long way to go for retirement (probably at 65) than what is the need of Investing for College Students?

Most of the college students think in this way. They think that Investment is a game of old people. Once you get old or near your retirement, you should start investing. But well, this is a Myth. The Truth is that, you should start investing as early as possible in your life means Now.

Warren Buffest has started investing in the stock market when he was just 13. Today he is 80 and he is world’s second richest person after Bill gates. Starting early is very necessary even if you are in your college life. No matter how small the amount of investment is but you should start investing from your college life.

You can do a part time job in your college life and make some extra money or you can save money from your pocket money and start investing in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, gold, domain names, blogs, web properties or any other asset.

There are several assets available in the market. Rather than adopting a hyper consumer life style in the college life, you should try to understand the importance of investing in your early life. Unfortunately, most of the college students spend their time, money and energy behind unproductive things and when they enter into the real life, suddenly all the college life enjoyment disappears.

And they started thinking that, working hard at the job place and living paycheck to paycheck is the life. What they have lost in the college life is TIME & not the money because the lost money can be recovered but the lost time can never be recovered no matter how much money you have…!!!

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