Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Make Money Blogging Free

Make Money Blogging Free

Blogging is probably the only business in the world that you can start for Free. I mean without doing any Investment. Let me give you my example.

In March 2008, I have first time launched “My Journey To Billionaire Club” on Blogger’s ( Free platform. It did not require any money to create a blog as everything was totally free. Creating a Blog on the Blogspot platform is totally free.

The only money I had to spend behind this business was my Internet Connection Bill and nothing else. After almost 2 years of Blogging, Today in 2010, this Blog is making $ 100 + every month for me as residual income. Means I don’t have to work any hard to to make this $ 100 every month because the content that I have already created on this blog is making money for me automatically without my any effort. All I have to work hard is to grow the income of this blog.

So What Does it mean? Well, it means that it is possible to start your own Business without doing any investment in the information age for free. Thanks to the Internet. Today whole the world is connected with the Internet and there are several money making opportunity on the Internet.

If you are the owner of the Authority blog in any Niche, than you can make tons of money by adding multiple Income streams on your Blog. The thing is that, you MUST be the owner of the Asset. If you own a valuable Blog which receives hundreds of thousands of web traffic every month than it is really easy to monetize this web traffic and make tons of money passively without any effort.

Any High School going kid can also make money blogging free in his/her teen age. In fact, many bloggers from all around the world have started their blogs from Scratch and today they are making 6 Figure Income in dollars from their blogs every year. They are running their blog business while travelling the world.

And that’s why I advise the young people to start their Blog Business as early as possible so that you can also enjoy the Dot Com Life Style.

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