Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Start Investing Your Money

Start Investing Your Money

The only advise i would like to give the people who have just started earning money is – Start Investing your Money. Now, many of you will ask me that, Why to Start Investing Money? Well This is because Investment means making your money work for you rather than you work hard for the money at your job place.

When you put your money in the bank savings account, you are putting this money on the rest. This money will sit in your bank account and don’t work for you. But you have to work hard for it to accumulate it more.

Now, Rich people know that Money has the same potential as humans to work hard in the economy and generate more money. So What they do? Well, they make their money work for them? How?…Well, by investing this money.

Now, you will ask me that, How to Invest money? Well, it’s simple. If you want to make your money work for you by investing than you should by assets out of your money and the process of buying assets out of your money is known as the Investment.

Examples of Assets are Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Real Estate, Mutual Funds, Businesses, Web Properties, Art, Antiques and many more… Anything that appreciates in its value over the time can be your asset. Once you buy the Asset, your money will start working for you immediately.

And over the time, your Asset grows to a certain level that from that level it will start throwing additional cash what I call it the Passive Income or the Residual Income means you don’t have to work hard to generate that income like your paycheck. That income will keep flowing into your bank accounts for the rest of your life and even after that without your any effort.

And one day come when your Passive Income from the assets will outgrown your monthly expenses and that day is the day of your Financial Freedom. You can take the retirement from your work from that day. So Start Investing your money as early as possible in your life and become financially free…!!!

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