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Make Money with Google Scam

Make Money with Google Scam

As I have already told in previous articles that, Google is a great money making opportunity online. In fact, I personally make money from Google Adsense, the amazing program in the history of mankind. But unfortunately, the Internet is full of Make money with Google Scams.

In fact, many Internet marketers around the world claim that, they will give you the opportunity to work with Google. Now, What is this Money Making Opportunity Basically? Well, it is basically a Google Click Fraud and nothing else.

Where you have to buy a CD from the Scamster and than install that CD on your server to launch your own 150 Articles Website or a Blog and later on apply for the Google AdSense. Once your account has been approved, you have to start clicking on other people’s websites which are in their network.

And other people will click on your adds on your website.

This is 100% illegal. And Google will kick you out of its system permanently once it finds you. So What I advise to my readers that, stay away from such kind of business and money making opportunities with Google.

You will also find small classified adds in the newspapers about making thousands of dollars from home with just 2 hours of work a day. Such kind of adds based on Google Click Frauds.

Why I advise you to not go for such kind of offer is because, it is really easy to make money without doing such kind of scams online. It is possible to make much more money than this legally and by doing a one time hard work and once you put this hard work, this money will flow like Residual Income in your bank accounts forever.

Say for Example, Take the Example of this Blog. I have put one time hard work to develop the Archive of this Blog. Now, this was the one time hard work only. Now, today I am enjoying steady AdSense income every month without much effort. Isn’t it good?

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