Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Start Investing Young

Start Investing Young

Youngsters ask me that, which investment advise would you like to give to the youngsters? Well, my one and only investment advise to the youngsters that,

Start Investing Young.

This is because, it is the 90% advise that anyone needs to become financially free from the investments. And believe me, if you don’t start investing young, probably you will never become financially free or retire early.

Most of the people in United States can’t become financially free even after their retirements because they had not followed this simple but most effective financial advise. They did not start investing when they were young, i mean in their twenties.

Rather than start investing early, most of the Americans think that – What’s the hurry? I have just started earning. Let me enjoy my life. There is a long way to go for retirement. But unfortunately, people who have retired early or at the age of 65 with peaceful retirement are those who has started investing young. Probably in their twenties.

Warren Buffet, The Legendary Investor also known as The Oracle of Omaha has started investing in the stock market when he was just 13 years old. And today at the age of 80 years, he is world’s second richest person according to Forbes 2009.

The logic behind starting early is – The Compound interest. The earlier you start investing, the compound interest will work more in favour of you and make you rich over the time. Only a few years can add a huge wealth later on. The Compound interest is so powerful over the time that it multiples your wealth in a breath taking manner but for that, you have to save and invest as early as possible in your life means Now…!!!

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