Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Make Money Blogging AdSense

Make Money Blogging AdSense

Google AdSense is the amazing program on the Internet. In fact, anyone in this world can make a fortune from such an amazing program out of his/her passion. AdSense along with AdWords make US $ 20 Billion for Google every year. Yes, That’s a Billion.

And many bloggers around the world are making literally 6 figure income in dollars every year from their blogs. And after watching their staggering success, many people start blogging and put the adsense code on their blogs.

But just after few months, after watching the adsense revenue of $ 3.26 per month, they either stop blogging forever or ask me that, How to make money blogging from AdSense? I ask them, how many web traffic your blog receives every month?

They say well, few hundred page views a month.

Well, Now you can not expect to make thousands of dollars from your adsense account every month from just few hundred visitors a month. You need literally thousands of visitors every month to make significant amount of money.

This Blog receives 40,000 page views a month when I am writing this Article and it’s Google AdSense earning is $ 100+ every month. So now just imagine that how much web traffic it requires to make thousands of dollars every month? Hundreds of thousands of visitors from all around the world right?

Now, you will ask me that than what about those internet marketers who claim to make fortune from their blogs within few months? Well, They are liars. Nobody can make a fortune from blogs & adsense in just few months. It requires minimum 3-5 years. Yes, if you start blogging with huge capital and a team of expert writers than it is possible to make 5 figure income from your adsense account within few months but I don’t think that anyone in this world has ever started blogging in this way.

Because most of the bloggers are broke when they have started blogging. In fact, most of the people start blogging because they are broke or want to make some extra cash to pay their monthly bills.

It is possible to make 6 Figure Income from AdSense but for that, you will have to work hard and create such a huge content on your blog that it attracts millions of visitors every month. Than and only it is possible to make 6 Figure Income from your Blog via AdSense…!!!

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