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Scottish Yachtsman Become The First Deaf Person To Sail Non Stop Around The World

GLASGOW, UK - Video with Subtitles - Scottish yachtsman in a bid to become the first deaf person to sail single handed non-stop around the world, Gerry Hughes set sail from Troon Marina at 12.00pm on Saturday 1st September 2012.

A Scottish teacher who was born profoundly deaf is aiming to be the first deaf person to sail single-handed, non-stop around the world past all five capes – a journey made famous by the likes of Sir Francis Chichester and the legendary Sir Robin Knox Johnston.

This undertaking, being a landmark in the achievements of this incredible adventurer will also serve as beacon to the Deaf community and any of the many individuals who look to Gerry as a role model. Crowds gathered to witness this momentous and historic occasion. Helen Moonie, Lord Provost of South Ayrshire was there in person to give her personal greetings and stepped on board the yacht to wish Gerry well and is looking forward to welcoming him back to Troon shores. Both Gerry and Quest III were blessed by Reverend Richard Durno and there were emotional scenes as Gerry bade farewell to close friends and family before waving up to the onlookers as he prepared to set sail.

Scottish production companies AC2.com Productions Ltd and Incorporated Media have joined forces to document this historic attempt and with footage shot by Gerry himself will create an intimate, emotional and inspiring record of his incredible journey. SWNS was also there to capture the story in pictures for the National Press. You can follow Gerry's progress on the site via updates from Gerry as and when they are received. Please also see http://www.facebook.com/groups/GerryHughesQuestlll for further coverage.

We all wish Gerry the very best of luck and look forward to his safe return!

Visit http://www.gerrysmhughes.com for more information.

Videos source by 579gerry and Lee Robertson

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