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Deaf Woman Attacked by Pit Bull

LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) - A 59-year old deaf woman who lives in an assisted adult care home because of her special needs is in the hospital after being mauled by a pit bull. She couldn't hear the dog coming or even form the words to say help.

Tony Simpson, who witnessed the attack, tells WDRB News, "I've never never seen nothing like that."

The two-year-old pit bull named Rambo sits quarantined in a steel cage at the Breckinridge County Animal Shelter.

Stacey Lucas and her fiance Tony Simpson say the last time they saw the dog in Cloverport, it was trying to tear Shirley Sturgeon apart.

Simpson says, "The dog was literally just eating the woman. He was not just biting her. He was tearing her meat off and swallowing it."

Shirley Sturgeon lives at Breckinridge Manor. She is deaf and was walking down a road Saturday on the way to a friend's house. It was just about a block from her home that Rambo attacked as she walked up the road...

Read more: http://www.wdrb.com/story/19398690/deaf-mute-woman-attacked-by-pit-bull

Video source MissWooHoo11

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