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Movie Highlights Deaf Sports Camp With NBA Star

DENVER, CO. (KMGH ABC 7 NEWS) - Colorado film, 'Spirit of Love,' highlights Deaf community and life of NBA star, Mike Glenn. 'Spirit of Love: The Mike "Stinger" Glenn Story' takes basketball legend's story to big screen. The film will be presented with sign-language and captioning for all audiences. Anne Trujillo reports.

The recreation center in the heart of Denver's Swansea-Eylria neighborhood is busy for the fourth day of filming.

"Action! Rolling camera A," yells a young woman wearing headphones.

There are teens everywhere. Some are operating cameras and computers. Some are making their film debuts as young actors. There's even a retired NBA player in the mix.

All are under the careful direction of Colorado film producer Darla Rae.

"Make sure you keep your energy up. I need to feel the excitement in your voices," said Rae to the group of boys practicing their lines standing next to retired NBA player, Mike "Stinger" Glenn.

For nearly two weeks various locations in Denver have been transformed into scenes to replicate rural Georgia and locations where Glenn grew up.

"It's a feature film based on the story of how I established the nation's first basketball camp for the Deaf and hard of hearing," said Glenn.

Rae argues it's that and so much more. She says the film is named "Spirit of Love" after an award with the same name that Glenn received from the NBA Players Association honoring him for the positive impact he's had on Deaf communities across the country.

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