Senin, 03 September 2012

Deaf Black Students Beaten By Cops During Stop

BELLEVILLE, NJ (PIX11) - Deaf black students say they were manhandled by police.

The East Coast's Stop and Frisk law allowed New Jersey cops to stop a group of deaf black teenagers and harass them. A group of deaf men, on summer vacation from a Trenton trade school for the hearing-impaired, said they were stopped and manhandled by cops in Belleville, New Jersey Tuesday.

20 year old Isiah Isaac used “sign language” to tell the story to PIX 11 through his mother and brother. “It was six cars that surrounded them,” Isaac’s mother, Frances, said—as she followed his sign language in the family living room. “He said all the cop cars came over and blocked them in.”

17 year old Domonique Isaac—Isiah’s brother—said he was the only one of six, young men in the car who could hear. The driver, he said, was deaf—and got out of the car to fetch his l icense from a bag in the trunk. Isaac said, “The passenger (in the front) tried to get out and explain to the officer that he’s deaf. The driver ended up on the other side of the car and they slammed him in the passenger’s seat. When he slammed him in, that’s when I tried telling him, ‘He’s deaf, he’s deaf.’”

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