Senin, 10 September 2012

Deaf Bronx Murder Suspect Wants His Confession Video Tossed

NEW YORK CITY (NewYork Post) - EXCLUSIVE - Deaf Bronx Murder Suspect Wants His Confession Video Tossed. Here's a video clip of murder suspect...

Justice is blind, but that’s no help if you’re deaf. A suspect in a Bronx murder is trying to get his videotaped confession tossed because he says he was misunderstood and confused by a sign-language interpreter.

Following a tip, cold-case investigators nabbed Gabriel Thompson, 48, in 2010 — 25 years after he allegedly stabbed and killed a man who was having an affair with Thompson’s live-in girlfriend.

Prosecutors say Thompson confessed to the murder, but he claims the cop who interpreted his answers during an interrogation ignored his request for a lawyer and misconstrued him.

Thompson says it was also not clear to him that the person asking questions during the session was actually a prosecutor trying to gather evidence to charge him with the murder of Miguel Lopez.

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