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Deaf Wrestler 'Jonathan Link'

PERTH, AU - Jonathan (Link) Hardy, of Safety Bay, Australia picked up the Platinum World Wrestling Rookie of the Year title in the US recently for his achievements and training during his first year of wrestling.

He toured the US with two other wrestlers, one of whom was Luke McKenna (Craven) from Rockingham, who won the International Wrestler of the Year award against other wrestlers from Australia, US, Japan and Europe.

Craven was in the US for three months before Jonathan joined him.

“He came over for the experience after only six months of training and won the Platinum Wrestling Rookie of the Year, which was amazing as he is the only Deaf wrestler ever to do that.”... Read more http://www.inmycommunity.com.au/news-and-views/local-heroes/Local-wrestlers-do-well-overseas/7548525/

Wrestler Biography of Jonathan Link

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Biography: Jonathan Link is the worlds 1st international travild Deaf wrestler althow there has been other Deaf wrestlers befor him non have traviled international who were profoundly Deaf. this makes Jonatahn link the 1st in his feald to do so Jonathan Link was born in perth W.A Australia he got his start with AAW wrestling in perth when he was just 20 years old since then he has wrestled all over America with platnum wrestling lead by the Internationl Super Star Erico who took Jonathan Link under his wing during which time Jonathan link was seen in japan on Sameri T.V then it was Canada where he meet former wwe Super Star Chris Thorn Who also took Jonathan Link to new hights with his carrier.

Jonathan Link has been seen wrestling all over Australia with AWF wrestling and any one who has seen him wrestel has said he is a sight to behold. Visit www.allactionwrestling.com.au for more information. Video source masotelophotography

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