Senin, 24 September 2012

Deaf Couple Who Are Taking Pranks & Spanks To The Next Level

TruTV Top 20 Most Shocking. Video with captions.

Famous Deaf couple presentation on "PrankandSpank" videos, Annette and Scott from Canada, they were on TruTv before last year in the top 20 for paint face prank but it was number 14 now again they made it and jumped up the charts to the top 3! Thank you all for making this possible.

Video source by Eric Nusbaum for recording and sending Scott the file as the producer was supposed to notify him when the clips were going to be aired as they don't have TruTv channel in Canada.

Spank and Prank Tweets "We're a Deaf couple who are taking pranks to the next level. The spank at the end of the prank is a way of saying you got PWNED!"

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Video source PrankandSpank

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