Jumat, 14 September 2012

ADA Effective Communication - Title III in ASL

Video with Captions - ADA Effective Communication: Title III in American Sign Language.

ADA Effective Communication using Title III and ASL from the Disability and Communication Access Board - Honolulu, Hawaii.

Communication Access Provisions Title III of the Americans with Disability Act for Public Accommodations: http://hawaii.gov/health/dcab/docs/fact_sheets/ca_pa.pdf

Lack of effective communication. ADA effective communication systems tool in the ongoing battle against disability discrimination. In a recent in-depth article assessing the impact of the ADA in Hawaii. http://dredf.org/international/paper_y-g.html

Legal Resources - Disability Rights: The ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act): Questions and Answers, visit http://www.davislevin.com/facts_adaqa2.html for more information.

Video source lauleonard

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