Senin, 03 September 2012

Jehovah's Witnesses Tell Deaf People To Stop Masturbating

The video clips has gone viral on Youtube and around the global these days. Jehovah's Witnesses tell Deaf people to stop masturbating.

Full unedited version on the official Jehovah's Witnesses website. A link to the original video here... "God's Love" 22-Gain the Victory Over Masturbation (ASL):

Some people find its funny and mockingly, and get a gif at:

Check it out hilarious video:

Jeff Ross The Burn Video For The Deaf.

This video sounds familiar within Moses laws and the Islamic holy book, the Quran/Koran, as well as various commentaries thereon. Does that make sense to you? It is so sadistic quotes Jehovah's Witnesses bible. They really are fearful for the future of humanity when Jehovah's Witnesses allow such old barbaric practices to continue.

Vloggers responses related this video:

JW, They won't stop Masturbating.

I got message from hearing people in YouTube about Jehovah's Witness

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