Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

Earn 5 Lakhs

How to Earn 5 Lakhs?

I receive this kind of queries several times a month. In fact, this is the most common money making query. Read my following article.

How to Earn 10 Lakhs in a Month?

Well, you can earn this much amount of money in a month or even a week also. But well, for that you will first have to build a large Asset probably a Business and Investments. Your Asset size should be large enough that it can make lakhs of rupees every month.

Mukesh Ambani makes crores of rupees daily. But he also own Asia-Pacific’s Largest Asset – Reliance Industries. So what I advise you is that, rather than focusing on income, focus on the asset size. put your time, energy and money to grow your asset size.

What most of the people do is, they struggle hard to increase their income by working hard at their job places, doing a part time job or working more hours at their job place. But the only problem with such kind of income is that, it’s the active income so the day you stop working, you will stop making money.

But this is not the case of Businesses & Investments. As long as you own the Asset, you will continue making money for the rest of your life. So focus on growing your assets.

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