Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

Safe Investments for Seniors

Safe Investments for Seniors

If you want to sale any Financial product in India than add a pre-fix “Safe” on the name of that financial product and people will buy it. The word “Safe” is a Magic Word. You can sell any Investment product to literally anyone in India by applying a pre-fix “Safe”.

This shows the lack of Financial Literacy countrywide. Senior citizens are also targeted. The market is full of financial products like “Safe Investments for Senior Citizens”. Now, the question is that, how Safe the “Safe Investments” for Senior Citizens are?

Well, almost every financial product ultimately divert your money towards the equity or at least part of the money towards equity and part of it in a debt. Well, see. Growth is not at all possible without Equity.

Now, what my argument is that, if you are a senior citizen and want to invest your money than why not invest that money in starting your own Business? I know that you will now tell me that but it’s risky and I am looking for Safe Investments.

Well, owning your own Business is the Safest Investment in the world. This is because you have a management control over that business. Say for Example take the example of this Blog. This blog is my Internet Business and it’s my safest investment than the mutual fund investments or fixed deposits in my bank. This is because I have a full control on the management of this Business.

I can hire and fire “N” number of writers and Internet Marketers for this Business. And not only this but this business runs even without my presence if I hire a team of writers for it. So I think that my own Business is the safest Investment for me in this world.

And so is for you. Remember, your own Business is the safest Investment for you in this world because you have a full control over that business. So according to me the Safe Investment for Seniors is – Your Own Business.

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