Senin, 22 Februari 2010

Where Can I Find a Good Loan Modifiction Affiliate?

Where Can I Find a Good Loan Modification Affiliate?

Recently a Financial Company has asked me the following query.
"We are a financial company looking for someone who can be an affiliate with loan modification. We have a great processor, but we need someone who can do the leg work, get the paperwork, etc. We can work out a deal. Does anyone know of companies that do this or are there any individuals we can work something out with? Thank you!"

Well, my answer is that it is really difficult to find such kind of skill in the market right now. The only possible solution for you is that, you train your own Human Resource. Yes, you give the training and expertise about loan modification paperwork to your own current employees.
This would be much easier and faster.

Download 60-Minute Loan Modification workbook by California based Miker Rockwood. And train as many employees as possible from this workbook. It won't take more than a week to impart this skill to your workers if you have this ultimate guide of loan modification.

60-Minute Loan Modification can be a great one time investment. Once you have this ultimate loan modification guide on your hand, you can train "N" number of employees. This is the most detailed workbook that I have ever seen in my life. It has all the information about the loan modification process in very detail.

Once your employees will be mastered in this skill, they will be able to prepare the loan mod documents and paperwork for your clients in less than 60 Minutes. So rather than searching for this skill in the market, train your own Human Resource for doing this. It's much easy...!!!

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