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Is Your Loan Modification Process taking Longer time than the Normal?

Is Your Loan Modification Process taking Longer time than the Normal?

Well, recently I received queries from several readers from California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida that their loan modification process is taking much longer time than the usual. Here is a query of one such reader.

“in the process of doing loan mod they put us on a trial for three months we did that and sent in all documents now there telling me that it could be 60/90 more days for a decision? in the mean time they said keep making the payments i hope they don’t take me for a ride so they only get a couple more payments?”

Well, Well….I hope that you are doing a modification with your current mortgage Lender…!!!!

I mean, I want to say that first of all answer my one simple question. Are you doing a loan modification by yourself or with some loan modification company? If you are directly dealing with your lender than no problem. The usual loan mod process can take several months. But well, if you are doing a loan modification through a loan mod company and you are in any of the following states than you are surely in Trouble. Here are the states.

- Nevada
- California
- Arizona
- Florida

The above are the states which have reported highest number of foreclosures in the United States and that’s why the loan mod scams are more prevalent in thee states. If you are in any one of the above states and doing a loan modification through a third party and it is taking more time than the usual than you are surely being scammed.

Immediately Google the web about that company and see weather it’s a genuine company or not. If you feel that you are being cheated than immediately report HOPENOW.Com.

My advise to you is that, Do a Loan Modification process by yourself. Download 60-Minute Loan Modification workbook and follow this ultimate step by step guide to get approved for the loan modification by yourself. I think doing it yourself is the best thing to get approved for the loan modification.

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