Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

Investment for Senior Citizens

Investment for Senior Citizens

Are you a Senior Citizen and want to invest your Money? Well, than there are lots of Investment Products available in the market which are ment only for the senior citizens. All of them have the advantage of 80C, tax benefits, higher interest rates than the regular products and many other advantage.

This is because it is belived that Senior Citizens need the safe and secure investments for their retirement. It is belived that now they are old and disabled and that's why they can't take more risks while investing. And keeping in mind this need all the Senior citizen Financial products come with one word - "Safe"...!!!!

But well, I don't think that all the senior citizens around the world want to invest in "safe & secure" investments. What My Question is that, Why Can't a Senior Citizen start his own Business? What about starting your own Blog Business? What about starting your own Home based Business? What about starting some Internet Business?

I mean why can't a Senior Citizen start his own Business? After all, Investment is not risky, being uneducated is risky. Why don't many sebior citizens think about starting a new business and creating jobs in the economy?

what I personally think is that, there is no as such rule that Senior Citizens should always do the "Safe" Investments. Of course, if you like to play it safe than play safe. But if you want to take some more risk and start your own Business than there is nothing wrong in that.

After all, developing a business in the economy means creating jobs in the economy and it's a good thing i think. So try this new strategy if you want to do something new and creative in your post-retirement life...!!!

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