Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

Is 1 Crore Enough?

Is 1 Crore Enough?

Many people have this query in their lives. They want to know that Is 1 Crore enough in India to live the rest of their life or Is it enough to retire early?

However, this is a very vague questiion. If your annual expense is less than 6 lakhs than 1 crore is more than enough to retire and live a life on this Income. But if your annual expense is more than 10 lakhs than 1 crore may not be sufficient.

My another concern is that, US Government is printing money like anything. Recently it has printed almost $ 2 Trillion and pushed in the economy. So sooner or later all the world will experience the hyperinflation.

Now, my question is that, weather your 1 crore is invested in some business or its on hand cash? This is because 1 crore on hand cash is very dangerous because first of all you will have to invest it wisely in such a manner that it can beat the inflation (or Hyperinflation) and provide you a steady cashflow.

Say for Example this Blog. You can say that my net worth is 1 Crore because the valuation of this blog is wel above 1 Crore. Now, having 1 Crore invested in a Business is much better than on hand cash. Because as long as I hold this Asset (This Blog) I will steadily get a cashflow. And Cashflow is very important than having cash on hand.

So decide yourself that Is 1 Crore enough for you or not?

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