Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

Movie Royalties – A Great Passive Income Stream

Movie Royalties -  A Great Passive Income Stream

Movies are the intellectual properties in its truest form. They born out of the labour work of the mind. Movies can be a great passive income stream. I am talking about Movie Royalties. Read my Article,

How Movie Royalties Work?

In the above article, I have mentioned in a great detail that, how do movie royalties flow in the bank accounts of producers, directors, script writers & Singers for the rest of their lives? Creating a movie is one time hard work. The team behind the movie has to work hard at once only and after that, the royalty income flows in for the rest of their lives.

This is because the people will never stop consuming the movie. And whenever a movie will be played in theatres, TV or anywhere else, the movie owners will earn their royalty.

If you want to become financially free and enjoy your life than focus on develop on focusing passive income streams in your life as early as possible.

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