Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

Billionaire Teens

Billionaire Teens

This is the Information age and the Internet has changed the Capitalism of the world. Many high school going teens have started making literally 5 figure income every month from their Blogs, Websites and Internet Business.

Because of the Internet, now you can target any Niche or Market from any part of the world.

Here are the Top Teen age Bloggers under the age of 21.

These are the teen age bloggers who don’t have passed their 21 years of age even. Yes, They are in their teen age right now and they are making tons of money every month from their respective blogs. And Many of Blogs are worth of literally 6 figures in dollars if not the millions.

Now, just think that what will be the valuation of these teenagers’ web properties after 10 years of now? Many will become Billionaires in their life and if not the billionaires, most of them will become multi-millionaires in their lives.

This is the power of the information age. These are the teen age bloggers who are planning to retire at their 21st birthday. This is the power of the Information age and starting the web business early. People who have followed the principles of the Industrial age will retire at the age of 65 when they get disabled.

Now, You decide yourself that what do you want to do?

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