Rabu, 17 Februari 2010

Billionaires and Their Businesses

Billionaires an their Businesses

First of all read my article – How Do Most Billionaires Make their Money?. In the article, I have mentioned in the exact detail that how do billionaires make money? The Billionaires make money in the valuations.

Yes, They develop a successful business and later on take those businesses to the public and by taking their businesses to the public they become billionaires. Just remember my words, if you want to become a billionaire than you not necessarily need to be in some hot industry.

If you want to become a billionaire than first of all you need a business and later on you need to take that business to the public. And by selling the shares of that business to literally millions of people, you can become a billionaire.

Remember, all the billionaires of this world are billionaires because they have taken their businesses to the public. And by taking their businesses to the public, they become billionaires. So Focus on taking your business to the public.

The Commonest Myth among the people is that, Technology, Energy, Banking & Real Estate Business owners are the Billionaires. But well, This is not the Truth. The Truth is that, There are total 1100 billionaires in this world and they come from vast variety of industries.

There is only one similarity among all of these billionaires and that is – Publically Listed Businesses…!!!

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