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Best Cashflow Investments

Best Cashflow Investments

Let us today discuss about the Best Cashflow Investments. Read my Post Best Cashflow Assets and you will get a fair idea about what I want to say in this article.

According to the above article, following are the Best Cashflow Investments.

- Businesses
- Dividend Stocks
- Real Estate (Rental Properties)
- Web Properties (Blogs, Forums, Websites, Articles Directories, Facebook applications…etc..)

The reason I like the above Investments is that, they provide a cashflow. Most of the people Invest for the Capital gains and that’s why they don’t get succeed. What I hate about the Capital Gain Investment strategy is, you have to feel happy by seeing the “On Paper” Valuations going up for the most of the part of your life.

Say for Example investing in Stocks for Capital Gains, Real Estate which does not provide any income, Mutual Funds..etc.. Most of the people around this world invest in these investment. Now, my question is that what if I want to enjoy this money right now?

I know several people who are asset rich but cash poor. They have assets worth of literally millions of dollars but unfortunately they don’t provide any cashflow. And that’s why the owner of such assets can’t enjoy their life.

Well, I am not saying that you should not invest for capital gains. After all the Income in the form of capital gains is totally tax free and this is the reason many people grow very rich over the time. If you love to live a frugal life style than the Capital Gains is the best strategy for you.

However, I love to Invest for Cashflow. Take the Example of this Blog. This Blog is my Invest of Time & Money for Cashflow. And today I am making good cashflow from this blog. I Personally love to invest for the Cashflow.

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