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Asset Protection from Divorce in India

Asset Protection from Divorce in India

Rich always think of 2 things. One is growing their assets and the second is protection their assets from un eventful events such as Divorce, Lawsuits or even Jail. Asset protection is a very important thing that you should think of in your life.

Recently, Tiger Woods end up paying his half of the fortune to his wife who filed a lawsuit for a divorce. According to laws, your aseets before your marrige does not count for the division during the divorce. Also the assets which you don’t own by your name don’t count for the divorce.

Say for Example, whatever you own in the name of your company or a family business does not account for divorce. However, your joint account with your wife and the investments that you have done in the joint holding with your wife account for the division.

And this is the reason, Rich people does not own anything in their names. They own everything in the name of their companies. And that’s why during the time of divorce and other legal lawsuits, their companies stand as the independent entity which protect their assets from the divorce.

The other way to protect your asset from the divorce is Trusts. You can open a Family Trust for your children and put your assets in the Trust. So during the time of Divorce, your child does not suffer. Because your spouse can not claim the Assets of a Trust.

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