Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

Buy Indian Bonds

Buy Indian Bonds

Indian Bonds are the one of the greatest investment opportunity in the world for the investors from all around the world. Indian Bonds offer 8% compounded annual return which is excellent in the world. While the US Treasury Bonds and other Treasury Securities give only 3-4% yield.

And that’s why the Investors from all around the world have diverted their money towards the Indian Bond Market. This is because it is really a wise decision to invest in the Indian Bonds.

Recently, FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) have bought literally billions of dolars of Indian Bonds. And that’s why I advise you to Buy the Indian Bonds. Because they are one of the great Investments in the world.

If you are an Indian citizen than buy Indian Bonds or invest in Gilt Mutual funds which primarily invest in government securities. The inflation in India is just 1-2% right now which makes the Bond Investment very fruitful.

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