Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

Accredited Investors Club

Accredited Investors Club

Many of you may have heard the word “Accredited Investors” but still don’t know the meaning of this word. Let me tell you that, What it means by Accredited Investors? Well, In USA, Accredited Investors means those rich & sophisticated investors whose investable net worth is more than a million dollar according to SEC.

In other words, these are the investors, who can afford to lose their money in high risk ventures such as start-up businesses and other high risk business and investment deals. And according to SEC only these investors are qualified to invest in some high risk investments in USA such as Private Equity or Start-up Ventures.

This is because it is believed that, Accredited Investors are good in Financial Knowledge and they can understand and analyze the investments very well than the routine investors.

These kind of Investors invest in Commercial Real Estate also even without no money down. This is because they know what they are doing. You can read more about commercial real estate investment deals in Commercial Real Estate Cashflow System.

Thus, if you want to do the investments of rich than first of all you have to reach on the fast track of your life. You first have to be the Accredited Investor, than and only you can do such kind of investments which are open only for the rich.

So first of all, increase your financial IQ and get into the Accredited Investors Club and than start investing in the rich people’s investments.

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