Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Affiliate Marketing AdWords

Affiliate Marketing AdWords

Two things are very important for the successful affiliate marketing. And these are,

01) a Great Product &
02) Highly Targeted Buyer’s Web traffic

The second part is extremely difficult and that is attracting the highly targeted buyer’s web traffic towards your affiliate links. You can do this by 2 ways.

01) Buy a web traffic (Google AdWords)
02) Generate a Free Web traffic

If you are starting the affiliate marketing business with the enough capital, you an afford to buy a highly targeted web traffic towards your affiliate links. However, I don’t believe that many affiliate marketers in this world can start their business with a good amount of capital when they start.

If you start with a sufficient budget, you can invest US $ 500-1000 daily behind buying a targeted web traffic from Google and make US $ 1500-2000 of daily sales from this targeted web traffic. Thus, US % 500-1000 of net profit.

However, this is a luxury. Not the all affiliate marketers start their business like this. If you can buy a web traffic from the first day of your career than you are simply lucky. But for the rest of the people who start newly, they must divert the free web traffic towards their affiliate links.

Michael Jones of The Affiliate Code is diverting free web traffic towards its affiliate links and make US $ 65K every month by selling other people’s products. You can also visit his website and learn from his video demonstrations and workbooks that how you can also drive a highly targeted web traffic without buying it from the adwords.

What I advise is that, start from attracting the free web traffic. Because attracting a free web traffic is an art, excitement, adventure and the mental challenge. Believe me, you will enjoy it a lot.

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