Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit

Many of you may have never heard about the affiliate summit. However, if you are the successful Internet marketer than I am sure that you know about it.

The Affiliate Summit conference was founded by Affiliate marketing industry veterans Shawn Collins and Missy Ward and serves the affiliate marketing professional community. The mission of Affiliate Summit is to be the leading global source of learning and networking opportunities surrounding the affiliate marketing industry.

Affiliate Summit typically place twice yearly in the United States, with the exception of an Affiliate Summit in London on September 28, 2007 at the Olympia Conference Centre.

There are tentative plans to launch a book publishing imprint via Affiliate Summit.

You will be surprised by knowing that many Internet marketers from all around the world are literally making 6 figure income in dollars from their online affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing means selling other people’s products and getting commissions.

Internet marketers like Michael Jones are making literally US $ 65K every month from their ClickBank affiliate account by selling baskets of products online every month.

Can you believe this? US $ 65K every month by selling other people’s products online? And that is also fully on the autopilot? Because once you set a system, the web traffic will keep flowing on your affiliate links and will make you money forever.

The Affiliate Code is a best workbook by Michael Jones in which he teaches you via the video demonstrations that how exactly he has made a system which makes US $ 65K every month for him.

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