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Affiliate Marketing India

Affiliate Marketing India

Many people ask me via email that, Is there any good affiliate marketing opportunity in India? Well, now those who don’t know what is affiliate marketing and how it works? Let me explain you that what is it?

Affiliate Marketing means selling other people’s products and making commissions for every sale you make. You can sell anything – It can be a physical product or it can be a digital information product that you can download immediately., Commission Junction & Amazon Affiliates are the best affiliate programs on the Internet. Now, the question is that what is the opportunity for affiliate marketing in India? Well, according to me, the Indian web traffic is not a buyer’s web traffic and the Internet penetration in India is less than 2% of the over all population and most of the people who search the Internet from India are the surfers and not the buyers.

So it will become very difficult to sell any physical or digital goods in the Indian market online according to me. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start your affiliate business. If you are an Indian than also you can start affiliate marketing and make a fortune from it. Do you know How?

Well, by targeting the International web traffic towards your affiliate links. You can target USA, Europe or the Australian market. This is the advantage of the Internet. You can target any population and any demographics and any market in the world from your home only.

Many people are making US $ 65K every month from the affiliate marketing. Yes, they are making this much amount of money month after month by selling other people’s products. Michael Jones of The Affiliate Code is one such example.

Yes, and that is Rs.30 Lakhs every month by selling other people’s products in the different markets of the world. You can also visit the Affiliate Code and learn from Michael that how exactly he did it step by step and how you can also do it step by step. What I like about the affiliate code is that, it explains everything in video tutorials and that’s why anybody can understand it.

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